How we use design to enable transformation?

We work with you through series of co-designing workshops to redefine, retrain and redesign.


Brand Design:
We will help clarify your reason for existence, then translate into strong brand expression.

Branding is an expression of why you exist and what future you hope to build. Through our branding workshop, we will help to extract essence of your business. This becomes the foundation and guide for your brand transformation.

Leadership Creativity:
We will train leader’s creative mindset and train creative thinking skills.

Great vision must be implemented by leaders with creative mind and creative thinking for innovation. We will assess leaders creativity and help leaders to get trained in creative thinking and creative mindset. Creativity is trainable.



Service & Product Experience Design:
We will assess existing experience in products and services and help to innovate to the next level.

Great vision and great leaders shall produce amazing offerings for their customers. We will assess user experience of existing offerings, spot pain points, and innovation in your product and service experience.

Business Model Design:
We will visualize your business model and co-design new ones.

Innovation doesn’t come from great company’s offerings. It comes when business model itself is innovative.

How will you monetize your offering? Can you possibly make the offering for free of charge for consumers? Can you consider partnership? What if we offer for new customer segment you never thought about?

We will work with you to design possible business models rapidly and seek to bring business innovation.



New Venture Development:
We will co-build new products and services to build new ventures.

We focus on building a new venture through collaboration with your organization. We bring in our sets of creative thinking frameworks to facilitate a new product, new service, and new business ideas to deepen and expand. Then we help validate the idea through ‘pretotyping’ (not prototyping) quickly and inexpensively.